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An initial assessment is an important first step in order to identify the key target areas and develop a stream-lined approach to treatment.

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Fast ForWord

The Fast Forward program is at the ideal ‘workout’ for the human brain through the use of technology in an innovative and fun one-on-one program for any age.

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The brain is just like a muscle. Technology provides a ‘gym’ for the brain. It does what face-to-face therapy cannot do as quickly or as effectively.

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Coaching & Support

The face-to-face coaching and support we provide is flexible and tailored to individuals. It can be done at our consulting rooms, in the home, or at school.

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Home Technology

Responsible parenting today requires management of child access to numerous technologies around the home, potentially exposing your child to limitless content from the outside.

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What Client’s Say

Our son was diagnosed with an autism-spectrum-related severe language disorder from the age of 5. We talked to the school and requested that he do Fast ForWord instead of regular homework. Within a year, his grades for all his subjects went from Ds and Es to Cs and Bs, and his reading comprehension went through the roof! We are extremely grateful for the amazing progress he has made, and this has placed him in excellent stead for high school!

Samantha & Tim

Two years ago we became formally aware that my son was exhibiting noticeable inattentive and hyperactive features to his behaviour but at levels which fall short of meeting the criteria for diagnosis as ADHD. He was 4 years old. By chance I came across Siobhan’s work and have been absolutely thrilled with the progress my son has made. We have been attending Siobhan for over 3 months undergoing Biofeedback Therapy.  My son is now 6 years old and half way through Prep.   His teacher has noticed a vast improvement in his ability to concentrate and to settle into a task, since commencing the therapy (we started in Term 2)

Liza - Mother of 2 boys aged 9 and 6